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Heal your gut...heal your life

Why a healthy gut is so important

  • 9 h
  • From 575 €
  • Calle el Calvario

Description du service

Many of us experience light to serious digestive issues. It is still a taboo and often we neglect the messages our body is sending us out of shame and ignorance. But gut health is becoming more and more the key to our general health! Research is still very young in this area as nutrition has been for a long time neglected by classicall medecine to the extend that doctors have up to today no training in nutrition. But things are changing slowly and the gut - brain connection, gut health and major part they play in our general health are being investigated, increasing awareness around this topic. Did you know that we lodge 3 times more bacteria then cells in our body, the majority of it in the gut, making up for about 1,5 kg of our body weight? It's impressive, but this "bacteria colony" called the microbiome seem to be unique to us, like our fingerprints ! Imbalances in the microbiome can cause serious illnesses leading to what is called the "leaky gut syndrome" linked to autoimmune diseases, food allergies and even mental illnesses - besides the obvious but annoying and handicapping digestive issues as bloating, gaz, cramps, etc... Did you know that 90% of the serotonin is produced in our gut? That means that our intestines are not only responsible for our digestion but what we eat also influences our mood. We start the day by a detox juice and some yoga practice (1h) adapted to the group level and wishes to get our bodies moving with a special attention to massaging our digestive system. After 1h workshop where we learn about the importance of gut health and the different digestive problems and how to address them, we start cooking our yummy healthy lunch menu (main + dessert). After lunch participants can enjoy a break and relax at the pool or go for a digestive walk. We meet again for individual coaching sessions (duration between 15 min and 30 min each depending on the number of participants). Here a sample day retreat schedule (can be adapted to your needs:) 10h : arrival and welcome detox drink 10:30 h : 1h yoga session (vinyasa or hatha) with a focus on the digestive tract 11:45 h : 1h workshop 12 h 45 : cooking workshop 14:00h : super healthy gourmet lunch menu (main + dessert) and break 16:00 h- 18:30 h indiviual nutrition coaching sessions (duration adapted to the number of participants 15 to 30 m) Price for up to 5 participants is 575 €/day. Each additional participant is 80 €. Book 3 and get 20% off, book 5 and get 30% off!


  • Calle el Calvario, Sayalonga, Espagne

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