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Cook plant-based meals and...

...impress the biggest meat eater !

  • 9 h
  • From 575 €
  • Calle el Calvario

Description du service

Food production is the largest source of environmental degradation of which animal protein is summing up for 70%. If not for environmental reasons, cruel mass animal life stock production, the use of 3 times more antibiotics on animals than on humans, a large amount on pesticides on animal food, animal fat associated to higher risks of cardiovascular disease, are all advokating for a limit of our meat consumption. Instead of every day (or even every meal) the official recommandations now talk about once to twice per week. But often vegetarian/vegan food is still associated with boring salads and "eating seeds and grains".Yet these last years a beautiful scene of innovative vegan chefs and cooking bloggers have emerged that introduced a rich and colorful vegan/vegetarian cuisine promoting a healthy plant based diet without missing out on flavour. On the contrary: tasting real, natural food, deliciously flavored with spices and other healthy ingredients will naturally crowd out less healthier options. Unfortunately often this recipes put people off because of a long list of exotic ingredients. In our workshop we will decrypt some of these and will cook a delicious meat free meal that will not leave you missing out on anything! We start the day by a detox juice and some yoga practice (1h) adapted to the group level and wishes to get our bodies moving and start our cooking workshop. In the first hour we will decrypt some of the ingredients and food labels and then start cooking our yummy healthy lunch menu (main + dessert). After lunch participants can enjoy a break and relax at the pool or go for a digestive walk We meet again individual coaching sessions (duration between 15 min and 30 min each depending on the number of participants). Here a sample day retreat schedule (can be adapted to your needs): 10 h : arrival and welcome detox drink 10:30 h : 1h yoga session (vinyasa or hatha) 11:45 h  : 2 h cooking workshop 14:00h : super healthy gourmet lunch menu (main + dessert) and break 16:00 - 18:30 pm individual coaching sessions (duration adapted to number of participants between 15 min to 30 min) Price for up to 5 participants is 575 €/day. Each additional participant is 80 €. Book 3 and get 20% off, book 5 and get 30% off!


  • Calle el Calvario, Sayalonga, Espagne

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